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Week two of fat man needs to go – Operation time to get healthy!

January 23, 2017
Operation to get healthy

So one week into my operation ‘Time to get healthy’ and I’m delighted to say that things have started very well with me dropping 5.2kg.

Now, it hasn’t been easy! I have avoided any alcohol and coffee as well as managing to avoid having any takeaways.

Last night I was tempted to go to the local chip shop for a chicken fillet burger and a bag of chips but I stayed strong and said NO!

My only negative was that I got a ‘breakfast roll’ yesterday but only one bad thing all week isn’t too bad!

The battle to get healthy continues!


The ‘Three-day diet’ worked well – I lost 3kg but then it was crucial that over the following few days I didn’t put it back on.

Since finishing the diet I have been eating fruit, miso soup, low fat yoghurts with vegetables and tuna in the evening.

I have been amazed to see the difference already – the immediate effects are that I’m able to move better and it’s a lot less uncomfortable when walking.

There is nothing more humiliating than struggling to work when you’re not even 40! It’s a feeling that I never want to have again.

I’ve been using the ‘health’ app on my iPhone to monitor the number of steps that I walk each day.

The week ahead

Now is the time to build on this initial success. It has been a good start but I have a long way to go!

The plan is to eat granola and yoghurt for breakfast, soup and fruit for lunch with fish and vegetables in the evening for dinner.

Once again I won’t be eating out! And I certainly won’t have any beers!

I am keen to step up plan to get healthy by introducing more exercise. Over the last seven days I’ve been walking the dogs twice a day and I had one token swimming session.

That is all about to change! I’m going to introduce gym sessions and going to the pool regularly.

One other thing I ‘m keen to do this week is to increase the number of steps I do each day to over 10,000.

I am pleased with how things have gone but the next seven days are very important as I look to get healthy!